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The WellBeing and Performance Group specialises in helping organisations achieve
Peak Performance by identifying and eliminating pressures on the workforce that are stopping them from working with 100% focus on their allotted tasks.

The costs of failing to achieve Peak Performance

Sickness Absence Rates Any Employer, CEO, Director will be aware of sickness and absenteeism rates, and the related costs to their organisations. These costs are easily measurable and currently amount to approximately £20.000,000,000 each year in the UK alone.

The Cost of under-performance Sickness absence rates are but a tip of the iceberg,
under-performance is costing approximately double the sickness absence rates through lost productivity. Under-performance in this context is known as Psychological Presenteeism.

Proportion of costs to UK Business under-performance attributed to Psychological Presenteeism

What Causes a Workforce to Under Perform ?

People under-perform because their concentration on their work is impaired. The causes for such impairment are grouped under the following headings:


  • No clear business objectives
  • Poor career opportunities
  • Poor work life balance
  • Poor pay
  • Inadequate training
  • Lack of transparency or openness
  • poor communication


  • Authoritative leadership
  • Bullying, Sexual Harassment
  • No Delegation
  • Poor preparation for promotion
  • No sharing of responsibility
  • No encouragement to think out of the box
  • Respond poorly to change


  • Excessive noise, poor lighting
  • Poor car parking or transport arrangements
  • Too hot, too cold
  • Poor or out of date equipment
  • Poor reliability of equipment
  • Poor nutritional standards
  • Slow response to resolving issues


  • Poor Organisational Culture
  • Poor Leadership
  • Poor Working Environment
  • Personal/Domestic Problems
  • Under-confident, poor social skills
  • Poor communicator
  • Lack of determination
  • Poor self planning

By resolving the issues raised under these four headings, not only are the rates of under performance likeley to be reduced along with their associated costs, but your organisation will become a fabulous place to work, and it will achieve peak performance. The Wellbeing and Performance Agenda is your road map to enable your organisation to travel along the performance highway to reach Peak performance

The WellBeing and Performance Agenda

The WellBeing and Performance Agenda focuses on the prevention of events and poor behaviours that contribute to psycho-presenteeism – being present in body but not mind.

The WellBeing and Performance Agenda focuses on turning organisations and their workforce into fabulous places to work.

The WellBeing and Performance Agenda focuses on helping all organisations achieve peak performance by enhancing the psychological wellbeing of the workforce.

The agenda sets out the steps to follow to achieve peak performance.

All the steps need to be followed.

The WellBeing and Performance Agenda